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Latest Work

We bring unique art to the masses on the canvass or on the skin. Whether the art is for your body or for your home, we want to enliven your life. Our gallery in the front features local artists from around Indy. In the back we have private booths for your tattoo and piercing needs. We love coming up with custom and unique art for your tattoos. We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope of what is artistically possible. We’re here for all your artistic needs. 


702 Main Street

Beech Grove, IN 46107

(317) 786-5061

Shop News


  • On April 29th we will be celebrating our one year anniversary! Check back to find out when we will be holding the shindig.


  • Maria Cadaver won 2nd place for small black & gray and 3rd place for large color at the Coldcock Whiskey Weekend!

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